Prince of Persia: Original Trilogy


This page allows you to download the file with the customizations you select in the form. By default the values are set as the original game (except for the "Set up allowed resources per level", that have all been enabled). Refer to the XML specification for technical information or visit the hex editing thread in the forum for the credits, to contribute, get support and/or add suggestions. If you suggest a new hack, please take a look at the format generator to ensure we are using the same language and file versions.

Choose your file

Folder initial settings

Set up time available and starting hit points

The minutes the kid has to save his princess

Remaining seconds to be added to the remaining minutes. This number must be a multiple of 1/12, if it is not, it will be rounded.

Set up starting level

It will start here, even if you come back from the titles.

Set up maximal number of hit points

Warning: setting a value larger than 10 will cause the hit points display in the lower left corner of the screen to be overlapped by the remaining time messages, so it is discouraged. However, from the point of view of the game, its value is handled correctly.

Set up minimal and maximal level where you can save

(from 1 to 65535)

Set up flipdown

This feature flips down the level deactivating the invert screen potion and key (Shift+i).

Set up blind mode

The player will see only the moving objects. (Like Shift-B in cheat mode.)

Set up copy protection

The potions level will appear before this level. Write -1 to disable.

Set up edges of the level

Used for drawing.

Used for drawing.

Used for hit-testing.

Set up allow triggering any tile

For example, a button could make loose floors fall, or start a stuck chomper.

Folder environment options

Set up level environment

Set up WDA in palace environment

You have to be very careful if you want to enable this option because it uses the dungeon environment wall drawing algorithm in the palace environment as well, you must import the extra resources to your palace environment file with PR. For more details, see the vpalace.dat thread.

Folder guard information

Set up guard base hit points

Set up guard types

Note that this only affects the resource file that is loaded and therefore the bitmaps that are displayed. For example, if you set up level 3 to use the Jaffar sprite, it will remain unkillable. Killing guards using the skeleton or shadow sprite or meeting a guard when no resource is loaded causes the game to crash, since it would need to load a nonexistent resource.

Set up colours

this is the hard-coded palette, here you can edit colours from the game that aren't in the resources. The values are in RGB, allowed numbers are from 0 to 255 (they will be rounded to the nearer multiple of 4 because the format doesn't support a better definition).

Set up titles skipping

When starting prince, this level will load instantly. Note that pressing Ctrl+R will return to the level that was specified above, in the Starting level hack. If it is not level 1, you'd better set that one as well.

This is the level you would like to load instead of the title sequence, use the keyword 'off' to deactivate this option.

Set up the effect of Shift+L in non-cheat mode

Only reduce time if there are more than X minutes left.

In minutes.

Folder File Names

Set up General Purpose

Set up Characters

Set up Sound Resources

Folder Game messages

Set up Time messages

Set up Indicator messages

Folder Level options

Set up level color variations

If an item is off, then the default palette will be used. (from vpalace.dat or vdungeon.dat). Otherwise, if the value is N, the Nth palette is loaded from prince.dat, resource number 20 (that is a multiple palette resource) for any tiles in dungeon (instead of vdungeon.dat resource 200/360) and non-wall tiles in palace (instead of vpalace resource 200), and the (N+1)-th palette is loaded for palace wall tiles (instead of vpalace.dat resource 360).

Set up Quitting when time expires

Set up allowed resources per level

Each field sets up what resource is allowed in the specified level. If a resource that is not loaded is placed in the level, the game could crash. For example, by default chompers are not allowed in level 1, and you can't place them except you set them on here. The first level is the demo level, then you have level 1 and so on. The latest level is the potion one.

Set up Cutscenes

This hack is in testing mode, don't change a value from/to none

Folder level specific events

Set up number of hit points of the Prince on demo level

Set up demo level ending screen

Set up level 1 crouching start

Set up level 1 music

Set up sword

Set up level 3 checkpoint

When playing the original level 3, you must do a four-tile jump to reach the second part of the level. Once the skeleton kills you you'll be spawned on the second part of the level. But when you die, the whole level is reloaded to memory, this means that the loose tile that is in the four-tiled jump is not there anymore. The exe game erases this tile when you are spawned in the second part of the level to keep the map integrity. Other stuff like potions (specially the big one) are regenerated and you can drink them again (yes, this means that in level 3 you can have 2 big potions).

Where are you looking after respawning?

This is not the checkpoint trigger, only the room where you appear, the trigger is 'moving from room 7 to 2'

A number from 0 to 29 indicating tile and floor where you are respawned. i.e. 0 is top-left tile; 12 is middle, third from the left tile.

This is the room where the tile is erased

The room tiles are from 0 to 29 in the same way as the location. Remember that you can erase potions, you can also set it to an empty tile to do nothing.

Set up the skeleton

Note that if you change the level, the skeleton will look like a guard, unless you changed the guard type of the level.

The skeleton will wake up if the kid is in one of these two columns.

If a skeleton falls into this room, then it will appear at the position set below:

58 is the left edge, 198 is the right edge. One tile is 14 units wide.

Set up the mirror

it's both, so to change the location you must swap the room contents with the corresponding new room. When tiles greater than 10 are used, the next room will be used

Set up mirror image

Set up falling exit

If the kid falls off this room, the next level starts.

Set up falling entry

If the kid starts this level in this room, in the bottom row, then the room below this room will be shown, and the kid will fall there from off-screen.

Set up the mouse

Changing the level or room will loose the animation, so here the most important value is the time

This is the time in seconds that the mouse will wait until appear since you entered the room. The number must be from 0 to 5461.25 seconds.

Be careful: a value not 24 will change the mouse for the kid

remember to edit the level and leave some space to move on, if it falls, the animation may become corrupted.

Set up level 12 ending

Set up Loose tiles in level 12

Set up Jaffar/guard death: blinking and event trigger

After killing the guard in the specified level the screen will blink and when changing the room the event 0 will trigger.

Set up Jaffar

Time is stopped on all further levels as well.

Set up the winning screen

Folder Keyboard

Set up Special key codes

Some codes are the same, for example Enter key is control+m, tab is control+i, backspace is control+h, escape is control+[... those codes should be avoided. The original game doesn't avoid the escape key and you can use control+[ to pause it. There isn't a distinction with the left and right modifier keys or with the keypad, so so example both shifts works the same and both plus signs have the same effect.

Folder Beta options

Set up Making the demo level playable

Set up Changing the first and last level accessible by cheat parameter

Set up guards: strike prob. (1.0)

Set up guards: strike prob. (1.3, 1.4)

Set up guards: re-strike prob. (1.0)

Set up guards: re-strike prob. (1.3, 1.4)

Set up guards: block prob. (1.0, 1.3, 1.4)

Set up guards: imp. block prob. (1.0)

Set up guards: imp. block prob. (1.3, 1.4)

Set up guards: advance prob. (1.0, 1.3, 1.4)

Set up guards: refractory timer (1.0)

Set up guards: refractory timer (1.3, 1.4)

Set up guards: extra hit points (1.0, 1.3, 1.4)

Set up Cheat code activation word

Folder Bugfixes

Set up fix gate drawing bug

When a gate is under another gate, the top of the bottom gate is not visible.

Set up fix gate sounds bug

If a room is linked to itself on the left, the closing sounds of the gates in that room can't be heard.

Set up fix infinite down bug

If a room is linked to itself at the bottom, and the kid's column has no floors, the game hangs.

Set up allow multiple exit doors