Prince of Persia: Original Trilogy

MININIM is a free software implementation, by Bruno Félix Rezende Ribeiro, of Prince of Persia 1, that runs natively under Windows and GNU/Linux. It is based on the DOS version of the game, and uses the Allegro software library. It has its own official website, and has its own forum board.

MININIM has a rolling release cycle.
Download for GNU/Linux: at GitHub
Download for Windows: at its homepage

MININIM also aims to have detailed documentation on all matters concerning the original 1989 Prince of Persia world, ranging from its design concepts to the engine's practical use and development.
See, for instance, its manual: mininim-0.10.pdf

Level editor apoplexy can auto-download and use MININIM for playtesting.

Old versions:
- 0.10: GNU/Linux (5.0M), Windows (6.4M), manual
- 0.9.2: GNU/Linux (5.2M), Windows (6.3M), manual