Prince of Persia: Original Trilogy

2021 Update:
Sizykh (grf) has finished the project!
Check the video, download (mirror), and his blog.

Pasha Sizykh, Evgeny Pashigorov, BK-0011M

This partial port to the BK-0011M was created by Evgeny Pashigorov and Pasha Sizykh. Their programming team, Flame Associated, almost finished this five year project. When the IBM PC became popular, Flame Associated didn't fix the remaining bugs or add any cutscenes to their port.
A Russian text about their project is available here.

Old version: (1.6M)

Several emulators can be used, for example BKBTL or bk-terak-emu. The main disk is "p.bkd".
Note that it isn't possible to press keys simultaneously. If you want to make a running jump, release forward and immediately press up. If you want to hop forward, release down and immediately press forward.