Prince of Persia: Original Trilogy

PoP1_Amiga_AGA.adf (880KB)
The game has been cracked by Angels, and is patched to work on AGA machines.

1. Install the FS-UAE emulator.
2. Start FS-UAE, optionally press F12, then quit. This creates a FS-UAE/ directory that you'll need.
3. Put PoP1_Amiga_AGA.adf in the directory FS-UAE/Floppies/.
4. Get the Amiga 4000 kickstart ROM (sample MD5: 9bdedde6a4f33555b4a270c8ca53297d).
5. Put that ROM in the directory FS-UAE/Kickstarts/.
6. Create a file Default.fs-uae in the directory FS-UAE/Configurations/ with in it: [config]
amiga_model = A4000/040
floppy_drive_0 = PoP1_Amiga_AGA.adf
7. Start FS-UAE. Use F12 to enter its GUI. Use F12+g (or Alt+Tab or middle mouse button) to release input grab. The prince moves with the arrow keys and Ctrl. After level 2, you can save with Ctrl+g and load (during the title sequence) with Ctrl+l.

Important: to enable cheats, press four keys simultaneously: left Amiga (Windows) key, right Amiga (Windows) key, Shift, q.
You will see "MEGA DRIVE ENGAGED" and will be able to use the cheats listed below.

Shift+w = levitate
Shift+i = flip screen
w/d = good/bad ending
-/+ = decrease/increase time
1-9 = skip n levels
k = kill guard
r = live again/extra hitpoints