Prince of Persia: Original Trilogy

We strongly advise you to use SDLPoP to play Prince of Persia for DOS.
SDLPoP is an accurate, reverse engineered free and open-source implementation of Prince of Persia for DOS.
It runs natively under Windows and GNU/Linux.

Alternatively, DOSBox can be used with the 1990 version:

- English, 1.0: (337KB)
- English, 1.1: (348KB)
- English, 1.3: (372KB)
- English, 1.4: (350KB)
- English, demo (just levels 1 and 2): (248KB)

Another free software implementation is MININIM.

Jordan Mechner's drawings for PoP1.
Frames used for the rotoscoping process.
See also the images of all levels: (1.1MB)
All music as MP3s, FLACs and OGGs: (42MB)