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Call to Vote

17 September 2020 (upd 30 Sep)

Recently, the 150th Prince of Persia trick was discovered!
To celebrate this, let's find out which are the most-liked tricks, and why.
You are invited to submit your top 5 favorite tricks before November 1st, so no later than 31 October.

To partake, choose the five tricks you like most. Make sure to specify their trick-numbers as used on (See the links above, "1 - 40", "41 - 80", etc.) Put your picks in a top 5. Your favorite (#1) trick will count as 5 points, your second favorite (#2) as 4 points, and so on.
You are also required to provide your (nick)name. For instance your account name on the Princed forum or Twitter handle.
Optionally, for each trick you may provide an explanation why you like it.

The most-liked tricks will be revealed as a top 10 in mid-November.
Note: In November, every voter's top 5, (nick)name and optional explanation will also be published publicly on both (this page) and (forum).

Send your top 5, (nick)name and optional explanation to:
Thank you for your participation!