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Cheat: PRINCE megahitReleased in: 2022
PoP version: Prince of Persia 1
Description: "It's a new puzzle mod with various tricks, hiddens and challenges; the Prince has no sword, hence he must take the sword in every level; See text files into the folder for more details;"
Tags: no-sword, many-minutes, puzzles
Starting time: 150 minutes
By: Dh73 (Author)
Has altered: checkbox graphics checkbox audio
Custom levels: 15
Use DOSBox to start its executable "PRINCE".


enjoyment: stars
rated 5 by 1 person
difficulty: bar
rated 3 by 1 person
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comments: tasdasd, please post the part where it's most difficult for you on this forum topic:
Dh73 (2022-11-03 21:39:29 UTC)

Overall this is a good mod with good level design.

For the first time I made a playthrough of a mod if anyone is interested
Mr.CB (2022-11-17 17:40:22 UTC)

Dear Mr.CB, thank you so much for your great appreciation, it's very important for me: so, at least the hard work of logic that lasted 7 months was not wasted :)
Dh73 (2022-11-18 16:59:00 UTC)

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replays:question markprogram lvl 1
quotetoo Hardunquote
tasdasd (2022-11-03 12:38:13 UTC)

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