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Cheat: prince.exe megahitReleased in: 2020
PoP version: Prince of Persia 1
Description: "Czech language, different leveles and little bit graphics. Tested on MS-DOS and DOSBox."
Tags: many-minutes, huge-levels, puzzles
Starting time: 200 minutes
By: JUWARE (Author)
Has altered: checkbox graphics checkbox audio
Custom levels: 13
Use DOSBox to start its executable "prince.exe".


enjoyment: stars
rated 5 by 2 people
difficulty: bar
rated 2.5 by 2 people
email service:
Email me about
new comments and replays.
comments: EN: Please leave a comment and rate it, especially if you from Czech or Slovak republic.
CZ: Prosím zanechte komentář a ohodnoťte, obzvláště pokud jste z České, nebo Slovenské republiky.
JUWARE (2021-12-14 04:43:47 UTC)

EN: And please report bugs.
CZ: A prosím nahlaste chyby.
JUWARE (2021-12-14 04:56:13 UTC)

Good graphic. I use it.
Youran Tumayel (2021-12-15 13:48:56 UTC)

Youran Tumayel in your personal mod?
JUWARE (2021-12-15 19:12:36 UTC)

This mod is being discussed at Princed, here:
Positive feedback, it looks like.
norbert (2021-12-15 19:52:25 UTC)

norbert: Oh thanks. I was wondering if I should continue and create some new mod.
JUWARE (2021-12-16 04:27:55 UTC)

JUWARE: yes, in my personal mod.
Youran Tumayel (2021-12-16 14:33:52 UTC)

Youran Tumayel Okay, provided you mention me.
JUWARE (2021-12-16 17:53:10 UTC)

It's a well balanced mod, very addicting and likeable: good ;)
Dh73 (2022-04-27 20:41:35 UTC)

Dh73: Thank you very much.
JUWARE (2022-04-28 18:01:16 UTC)

Is there a way to get the potion in room 24 of level 3? I'm thinking some pixel-perfect jump executed in room 4 to get to that ledge in room 21?
Ropufu (2022-12-15 02:23:07 UTC)

Ropufu: Sorry for the late response. The answer is yes. You can jump in there and get out. So it is possible to fulfill it and get a big bottle. The jump is really pixel perfect.
JUWARE (2023-04-28 21:48:37 UTC)

Woo-hoo, I so happy it is possible. Will keep trying \o.o/
No worries about the delay. Been busy all this time anyways.
Ropufu (2023-06-23 21:56:36 UTC)

Ha, I got it!! Cool beans. Thank you thank you.
Ropufu (2023-06-23 22:13:23 UTC)

Ropufu: Congratulations!
JUWARE (2023-08-09 21:28:14 UTC)

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