Cheat: megatreasureReleased in: 2021
PoP version: Prince of Persia 1
Description: "Warning: this mod is not for beginners, also, do not play this with sdlpop! Mostly medium levels. Some levels have tricks in them which can make them very medium."
Tags: custom-story, trick-heavy, many-minutes
Starting time: 65 minutes
By: ToothFruity2020 (Author)
Has altered: checkbox graphics checkbox audio
Custom levels: 12


enjoyment: stars
not yet rated
difficulty: bar
rated 3 by 1 person
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comments: When I start Apoplexy.bat, I get an error message that 16-bit application is not supported by me.

I use Windows 10 64 bit.

Does anyone have a solution?
PrinzPersia (2021-04-28 19:42:22 UTC)

Wrong side. I wanted to write for custom Level "treasure island".
PrinzPersia (2021-04-28 19:44:48 UTC)

No, I mean, I wanted to rate "Snes mini levels for dos" and accidentally ended up on the wrong page.
PrinzPersia (2021-04-28 19:47:00 UTC)

Sorry, I don't have one.
ToothFruity2020 (2021-04-30 22:58:56 UTC)

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