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Cheat: PRINCE.EXE megahitReleased in: 2020
PoP version: Prince of Persia 1
Description: "I accelerated the game, so you must play at a faster pace. You have 23 minutes, for 10 levels. Because I accelerated the game, a minute is now 48 seconds. Run, run so as not to be late."
Starting time: 23 minutes
By: Aram Sev. (Author)
Has altered: checkbox graphics checkbox audio
Custom levels: 10


enjoyment: stars
rated 5 by 1 person
difficulty: bar
rated 4 by 1 person
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comments: quoteLevel 6??? How? Can author explain please?unquote
atrueprincefanfrom2018 (2020-03-17 13:55:59 UTC)

quoteYou must play at a fast pace, as I regulated. If you play slowly, you cannot play at levels 6, 7 and 8.unquote
Aram (2020-03-17 16:51:44 UTC)

quoteSo, drink the floating potion and go down so fast? Like, from room 6 to room 16?unquote
atrueprincefanfrom2018 (2020-03-17 17:13:27 UTC)

quoteI don't pass level 4: it seems there's a non functional button, and even if it worked Prince die in the spikes turning back: it can pass only doing ctrl-W, and later there's an always closed gate.unquote
malvivio (2020-03-21 18:29:09 UTC)

atrueprincefanfrom2018 (2020-03-22 01:38:50 UTC)

quoteOMG! I did it totally wrong!!unquote
malvivio (2020-03-22 10:48:22 UTC)

quoteI'm not able to open the last gate in level 5 using the first video trick; I've never been able making fonction that trick, also with the first gate in level 4 of the original game as the second video trick shows.unquote
malvivio (2020-03-23 20:47:43 UTC)

quoteTry... Try... You can do it... See trick 1 here:
atrueprincefanfrom2018 (2020-03-24 17:00:58 UTC)

quotenothing to do: I tried many times: I don't do it. Tricks in the first two videos don't fonction, maybe because both in level 4 of original and in level 5 of this mod the gate is on the corner between two rooms and not in the middle of a room.unquote
malvivio (2020-03-24 19:35:54 UTC)

quoteTry first in the middle of the room, use Apoplexy and try, also try SDLPoP... Keep trying, keep trying different positions, timing, you can surely do it. It's very very easy trickunquote
atrueprincefanfrom2018 (2020-03-25 02:34:20 UTC)

quoteI don't have enough time, but the author wrote that this mod worksunquote
prince777 (2020-03-31 20:22:43 UTC)

quoteLevel 6 is in fact possible. I was doing practice with SDLPoP and it isn't fast as the Kid Pace that was I was dying... I played with DOSBox and it works :)unquote
atrueprincefanfrom2018 (2020-04-01 05:22:12 UTC)

Complete playlist here:

Please make such more amazing mods!unquote
atrueprincefanfrom2018 (2020-04-01 06:46:33 UTC)

quoteAuthor, Level 8, was you expecting to drink the free fall potion in room 6 and then continue the level? Did I take a shortcut?unquote
atrueprincefanfrom2018 (2020-04-01 06:55:44 UTC)

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