Cheat: PRINCE.EXE megahitReleased in: 2018
PoP version: Prince of Persia 1
Description: "Quite easy. Like an alternative to the original game, but it requires a bit more thinking, and guards are a little harder. Easy to obtain life potions."
Starting time: 60 minutes
By: Barre (Author)
Has altered: checkbox graphics checkbox audio
Custom levels: 12
Use DOSBox to start its executable "PRINCE.EXE".


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difficulty: bar
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comments: Has anyone else finished this mod because if I'm correct the end is really boring which is a shame because it was getting very interesting ?
L'indecis (2023-04-28 09:54:09 UTC)

Harder than original game for sure though !
L'indecis (2023-04-28 10:23:33 UTC)

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