Cheat: Super Adventure.exe megahitReleased in: 2017
PoP version: Prince of Persia 1
Description: "(missing)"
Tags: sdlpop
Starting time: 60 minutes
By: Damian0 (Author)
Has altered: checkbox graphics checkbox audio
Custom levels: 13


enjoyment: stars
rated 4 by 2 people
difficulty: bar
rated 3.5 by 2 people
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comments: GOSH! What's the problem with this? Downloaded in the Total Pack, I click Play, it says Dungeon is being prepared... and then it happens nothing! Why it doesn't start??? I'm so tired having always troubles with total pack!!
malvivio (2017-09-11 09:56:49 UTC)

I saw what's the problem: in the mod info at Executable miss the written PRINCE.EXE that other games have!
malvivio (2017-09-11 10:16:56 UTC)

I changed it manually but the game still doesn't start. Please, someone modify it on the main page for make it work!
malvivio (2017-09-11 11:25:02 UTC)

Hi malvivio.

This mod, "Super Adventure", uses SDLPoP. This means that, like "Secrets of the Citadel", it will work with the upcoming Total Pack 4.0. Not with 3.5.

For now, you can download (link above) and then double-click "Super Adventure.exe" in Windows explorer.
norbert (2017-09-11 16:50:35 UTC)

Oh F**k! This is not what I wanted to hear... another game not supported by the current total pack! And still nobody knows when will be 4.0
malvivio (2017-09-11 16:54:31 UTC)

I have this game levels. dat file to an original pop I changed and I played in dosboox with 13. I played up into chapters, but 13. not the end of the game, missing partition
ramcoxxx (2017-09-11 20:39:20 UTC)

I just finished playing this mod. Always nice to see mods with graphical and musical modifications. A fairly polished mod. I like that it's always clear where to go next. It's an easy mod. It's a bit too repetitive with its rows of chompers (and spikes), loose ceiling tiles to remove, and then guards sprinkled in-between. But there is variation here and there, such as with the long row of opening gates. In level 9 sometimes it's impossible to know where to safely exit screens, which means you need luck or a level editor. There's no need to know (many) tricks to play this mod, which is nice for some players.
norbert (2017-09-28 19:14:29 UTC)

I had watched a movie of this mod but some levels are quite long so I counted everything from that person and 60 minutes is too little

dev44 (2018-04-09 09:29:21 UTC)

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