Cheat: PRINCE.EXE megahitReleased in: 2016
PoP version: Prince of Persia 1
Description: Medium difficulty, no crazy trick fest.
Starting time: 80 minutes
By: suaveprince (Author)
Has altered: checkbox graphics checkbox audio
Custom levels: 14


enjoyment: stars
rated 3.67 by 3 people
difficulty: bar
rated 4 by 3 people
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comments: quoteThe title of this mod is really guessed: each level is a world to descover, based to that of the original game but just a little; each one needs to be studied a long to discover how does it work. Until now I found a BUG in level 3, that starts with Prince prisonned between a closed gate and a black wall that hides a button behind it; I used special commands H or J and walk watching another room, so he gets free from there, but it would be better removing that black wall and let the Prince reach the button supposed to opening the closed gate.unquote
malvivio (2016-11-03 07:55:30 UTC)

quotenot only level 3: Level 8 has got similar bugs, with two or three buttons unreachable: must use H or J at every bug to pass the level, that needs very restylingunquote
malvivio (2016-11-05 10:05:47 UTC)

quoteI'm happy to say that I discover the right trick to push a button in level 8 without being trapped: on must use the green potion, go up, jump and he attached without go down but making falling the tile on the button!!unquote
malvivio (2016-11-06 10:25:08 UTC)

quoteYes,any level you need discovery little tricks,and yes,if you use key H or J,can pass more easy,level 08 need think,is similar to POP1 original(now is relative)there video in youtube:
suaveprince (2016-11-06 15:31:10 UTC)

quoteyour video is a collage of various levels; can you show how to make fall the tile where there's the yellow-dressed guard nex to the cutting trap in level 8 preventing to the Prince to fall down? I try to make him turn and stick to the button so that the gate remains open; I tried many times in different ways; I though on must run turn back stick to the button, but doing so the tile doesn't fall. Now I begin got angry with this passage!unquote
malvivio (2016-11-07 10:03:09 UTC)

quoteThe guard need throw the chomper,and fall over raise,later,you gounquote
suaveprince (2016-11-07 15:02:06 UTC)

quoteand how can put the guard throw the chomper without he been cut from it? it's impossible!unquote
malvivio (2016-11-07 17:56:02 UTC)

quotetake it easy,need throw in the time perfect,,still try..its easy(maybe can show you)unquote
suaveprince (2016-11-07 19:21:24 UTC)

quoteeven if there is a good moment for hit him twice the game doesn't allow the Prince to hit the guard when he's in the chomper, as when an enemy is on a falling tile. :-(unquote
malvivio (2016-11-08 09:58:14 UTC)

quoteAlso level 12 appears impossible: where going after the reunification with Dark Prince???unquote
malvivio (2016-11-08 10:40:00 UTC)

quoteHow many difficulties have you put in level 12? At the end I made 12a but it's terrible, 12b also quite difficult, and also the last part, what have done in here? Have you put a button behind a closed gate to serve as open another gate before going in the Princess room, but that button in unreachable!! I'm really tired of all the parts of this level!! Why have you created it so difficult?? Previous levels weren't so damn desperating!!unquote
malvivio (2016-11-08 13:55:08 UTC)

quoteLevel 08,need wait in the specific moment n can throw the chomper,level 12 you need go to right,dont left like original pop1,and level 14 princees room dont open,thanxs for thats..fix nowunquote
suaveprince (2016-11-09 00:56:20 UTC)

quote1. section I didn't pass a kind of playing this game

There's no section youtobeunquote
ramcoxxx (2016-11-14 11:28:01 UTC)

quoteRamco..level 1??what level?unquote
suaveprince (2016-11-14 16:01:11 UTC)

quoteI couldn't find the path to the first chapter?unquote
ramcoxxx (2016-11-15 20:21:51 UTC) use apoplexy???if you see the video,is ok,but you need climb,and when you room 16,need little jump,16-12-20-23..remmenber if you want return,after press open exit,so need jump,check,this lose tile this tue return.unquote
suaveprince (2016-11-16 01:37:35 UTC)

quoteThis game just 1. I couldn't find a way to not have the Department's short for playedunquote
ramcoxxx (2017-06-02 10:03:37 UTC)

quoteI couldn't get past the first part of this game bit kind of opened the door to go after I couldn't find that the direction of short for yomu played?unquote
ramcoxxx (2017-06-14 08:11:31 UTC)

quotethe first part of this game you tobe ^ I'd appreciate it if you didn't pass a kind of put to it's driving me crazyunquote
ramcoxxx (2017-06-18 13:16:52 UTC)

quoteHi! Passed all levels. It was difficult. But the 8th level passed in old execution as could not find a way out after the death of the yellow security guard. It is impossible to throw it through a power-saw bench that it fell to a pedal.
YURA (2017-12-18 05:03:32 UTC)

quoteBad mod:
Lots of rooms are not created, so u die a lot just by discovering which is really anoying.

A few good ideas by author cant equalize the bugs; so its impossible to play lvl 3 for instance.

mud (2019-03-03 22:09:30 UTC)

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