Cheat: secrets.exe megahitReleased in: 2015
PoP version: Prince of Persia 1
Description: "Tough levels, but fun for both intermediate players and experts. There are normal, hard and impossible modes. Uses a modified SDLPoP, and features new potions (extra time, full health)."
Tags: sdlpop
Starting time: ? minutes
By: Falcury (Author)
Has altered: checkbox graphics checkbox audio
Custom levels: 14


enjoyment: stars
rated 5 by 2 people
difficulty: bar
rated 4 by 2 people
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comments: Total pack 3.0 doesn't open this modset after have installed it! And it tells: Starting Minutes: 0. I have no words for explain how I am disappointed!! This is the 2nd really absolutely useless levelset after King of Persia!
malvivio (2015-08-04 13:17:51 UTC)

Just because Total Pack won't start this mod doesn't mean you have to rate this mod 1/5 stars.
Maybe if something does not work for you, ask why not on the Princed Forum.
This mod works fine if you just use the ZIP file you can download on this page.
norbert (2015-08-04 15:26:03 UTC)

at first, i found it weird when the file size was 4.9MB, then when i extracted it i saw some *.h files.

i tried to run it using DOSBox - doesn't work.

turns out you can run this natively on Windows 7 command line (cmd.exe) or you can just double-click the start_normal.bat file.

on a side note, Master Norbert, can you create an alternative listing for the 'Custom Levels'? one that's based chronologically (oldest to newest) aside from the current alphabetical listing.

just a suggestion, thanks. :)
R3 (2015-08-04 23:30:27 UTC)

A chronological alternative sounds like a good idea.
I'll look into it, but can't make any promises.
norbert (2015-08-05 00:46:38 UTC)

Level 1 by SuavePrince - two thumbs up!
R3 (2015-08-05 04:42:53 UTC)

You know Norbert: I want to play all the POP1 games with total pack. I don't like to extract the single zip for some of them; total pack is here to collect all the games, so it must open all. Anyway I just watched on you-tube the first four levels of this, and they're so hard, too difficult for me; I'd never be able to do like shown. For the request of R3 of chronological order of the levelset: that's the order they appear on the Total Pack, the original is the 1st, and everytime there is some new, it goes in the bottom of the list! Total Pack is lovely, and it allows to use special commands, zip don't!
malvivio (2015-08-05 08:42:56 UTC)

Total Pack is not sorting by date, it sorts by ID. "David's Levels", for example, is number 0000111 and released in 2007. "Extrem", for example, is number 0000070 and released in 2012. Total Pack lists "Extrem" higher with a lower number, even though it was released after "David's Levels".

I know you want to play PoP1 games with Total Pack, but you need to understand that only a few people are working on all this software. Only one person created and works on Total Pack. Another person created this mod. And yet another person (me) works on These are all different people. Giving this mod 1/5 stars just because it does not work in Total Pack is unfair to the author of the mod.

You write that Total Pack "must open all". I understand that is what you want, but it's not magic. Total Pack is a not an easy program to make. It takes work. The author of Total Pack must do programming to make everything work. It takes time.
norbert (2015-08-05 08:58:09 UTC)

R3, I've added some 'sort by' options.
norbert (2015-08-05 16:18:43 UTC)

fantastic, Master Norbert!

thank you, thank you very much! :)
R3 (2015-08-06 07:55:12 UTC)

By now Total Pack still doesn't make play this mod, so I downloaded it and just saw why: like King of Persia also this starts with a question before playing: it asks with how much time you wanna play: 150, 60 or 20 minutes left. Honestly there was no need of this question: always start with 150 minutes, without other options. If it wasn't for this starting question Total Pack would support this mod! However I played it; since now I finished the first three levels, each one difficult and must thinking how to do, but I found it very interesting. I just take LP potion at the begin of Level 1; in level 2 there aren't and in level 3 there's one but it seems unattainable, so I start levels 2, 3 and 4 with 4 lives.
malvivio (2016-06-14 08:46:33 UTC)

Hi, author of the mod here! Thanks for all the comments and feedback!
I hope you find the levels enjoyable. They are definitely tough...

The mod works with a modified version of SDLPoP, David's modern open source PoP1 port. So it runs natively (not using DOSBox).
Hopefully there will be a solution for the Total Pack launcher soon!

There are two releases of this mod as of now. The forum posts have some more information:

Version 1.0

Version 1.1

In version 1.1, you can disable the difficulty prompt by changing the "difficulty" setting in the file SDLPoP.ini from "prompt" to either "normal", "hard" or "impossible".

The difficulty setting has one other effect, besides the different amount of time at the start: at the higher difficulties, the "extra time" bonus potions restore less time.

The v1.1 update also adds Level 9, among some other changes.

The secrets in this mod are sometimes very hard to obtain... However, most of the secrets / bonus potions can be safely skipped. All of the levels can be completed with 3 or 4 hitpoints.

About the secret LP in Level 3:
It is possible to obtain this potion, but the method to get it is quite crazy xD. The answer has to do with the sword that has been placed in the same room...
Falcury (2016-06-16 09:58:50 UTC)

the sword is far from the closed gate in level 3, I really don't know what can be done at that distance; that gate was supposed to be opened by the button pushed before, that opens also the other gate on the upper floor, but it doesn't. I must say I prefer the version downloaded from this, 1.0 should be: on the 1st level is right doing all the tour for finish it; it was too easy without the gate, and also in level 4 I like the way I found to do it. :-)
malvivio (2016-06-26 09:20:21 UTC)

You are correct, that closed gate in Level 3 cannot be opened or passed... In fact, the gate to the LP/sword will be automatically opened for you -- but ONLY if a certain condition has been met beforehand... (this secret is somewhat an "easter egg", actually :P)
It's quite a crazy challenge... I almost always skip this secret when I play through the levels myself, because it's very difficult to meet the condition :-)
Falcury (2016-06-26 11:04:03 UTC)

Very long lvls
mud (2019-03-20 18:53:42 UTC)

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