Cheat: dungeons.exe dark-on\Released in: 2008
PoP version: Prince of Persia 1
Description: "(missing)"
Tags: custom-story
Starting time: 30 minutes
By: DKM (Author)
Has altered: checkbox graphics checkbox audio
Custom levels: 13
Use DOSBox to start its executable "dungeons.exe".


enjoyment: stars
rated 3.67 by 3 people
difficulty: bar
rated 1.67 by 3 people
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comments: done by increasing time left, because 30 minutes are not enough to do 12 unknown levels.
malvivio (2014-09-14 10:07:24 UTC)

Graphics are weird, but not bad. As Malvivio said, 30 minutes may only be enough if you know the levels from start to finnish.
Robert (2015-05-05 05:08:59 UTC)

One suggestion, try to do the following:

1. Get the original PoP1;
2. Replace the LEVELS.DAT file
in PoP1 with the one from this mod;
3. Also replace the KID.DAT and VIZIER.DAT
files in PoP1 with the ones from this mod.

By doing this you will automatically get the following advantages.

1. Better graphics! (the graphics from this mod is quite weird!)
2. Better sound! (the sound from this mode is weird and maybe also buggy)
3. You get 60 minutes instead of 30 (30 is unreasonable and this game is more about reasoning than about running)
4. On the other hand, you will have only 3 LP (instead of 5 as it happens with this mod) and you will not get extra LP during the whole game (except when you merge with the shadow). This creates an extra challenge (but still reasonable), especially for levels 4 and 8!

If I had to gave a separate vote for graphics, sound and other things (like the given time) then I would have given low votes for those things, but the levels are quite nice and if you do the procedure I suggested above, then you can really enjoy the game :)

endriuw (2017-03-02 10:51:06 UTC)

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