Cheat: PRINCE.EXE megahitReleased in: 2013
PoP version: Prince of Persia 1
Description: "This is my first level set. I hope you'll enjoy it. I've tested it, so there shouldn't be bugs or levels that can't be passed."
Starting time: 60 minutes
By: Coco (Author)
Has altered: checkbox graphics checkbox audio
Custom levels: 13
Use DOSBox to start its executable "PRINCE.EXE".


enjoyment: stars
rated 3.4 by 5 people
difficulty: bar
rated 4 by 5 people
email service:
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new comments and replays.
comments: This levelset had good map-design and potion puzzles! enjoyment +4
But some levels (example 5,7,9,10) need many time to pass...
I professional player would give this levels-difficulty +3

yaqxsw (2013-06-02 02:59:09 UTC)

I can't get past the first guard since I don't have any sword!
R3 (2015-07-14 07:26:19 UTC)

YouTube has lots of videos with solutions. Here's a video for level 1:
You can also search for other custom levels of other mods on YouTube. :)
norbert (2015-07-14 10:23:45 UTC)

thank you very much, master norbert! :)
R3 (2015-07-15 00:07:13 UTC)

@level 5: is there a way i could get to the level entrance switch without resorting to the trick shown by Ruinen1000 here?

thanks in advance! :)
R3 (2015-07-27 06:07:03 UTC)

found these two gems by Master RAMCO YG:

took almost 20 minutes but at least he didn't resort to the magic trick by RUINEN1000 in the first video. :)
R3 (2015-07-28 23:59:01 UTC)

Ruinen1000 is the big master,you should see all your videos
suaveprince (2015-07-30 04:46:44 UTC)

this mode is so addicting! ;)

for level 6:
R3 (2015-07-31 04:27:34 UTC)

i'm still stuck @ level 7, particularly the area with 4 chompers/gates... :'(
still drawing inspiration from Master Ruinen1000.
R3 (2015-08-08 04:33:19 UTC)

finally finished LEVEL 7!

now, for LEVEL 8:
R3 (2015-08-15 08:33:57 UTC)

You can upload yours videos r3?And ruinen1000 he is daddy in the world ;)
suaveprince (2015-08-16 06:49:21 UTC)

not a good idea, Master SuavePrince. i'll probably take 20 minutes to finish a level. ;)

Ruinen1000 is indeed perfection personified, but i appreciate Ramco's videos because he includes his mistakes, his hesitations, etc.

it makes me think that if Ramco can do it, i can do it as well.

btw, what app do you use for screen capture?

Master Norbert: can you please list your top 10 favorite mods? so, i can have an idea which to try out next after i finish Babylon Tower Climb.

thanks, all. :)
R3 (2015-08-17 00:24:35 UTC)

R3, I have no top 10 favorite mods.
You can try to beat King of Persia on "king" difficulty. :)
norbert (2015-08-17 06:59:34 UTC)

got it, Master Norbert.

thanks! :)
R3 (2015-08-17 07:13:38 UTC)

I pass babylon tower but no record,is a middle mod,and is important know that you can record with programs like Camtasia studio,but there other more easy called fraps,nice need check this page,many mods videos
suaveprince (2015-08-17 17:48:50 UTC)

thank you, Master SuavePrince!

i'll check out those apps you mentioned. :)
R3 (2015-08-20 00:08:30 UTC)


by Ramco

by Ruinen

rock on, masters! ;)
R3 (2015-08-25 04:27:16 UTC)

Master Norbert,

do you have any download stats on the mods?
that would be a good measure of its popularity.

thanks! :)
R3 (2015-08-26 04:10:23 UTC)

Hi, please use the Princed Forum if you have general questions about this website:
This thread, for example:

As for download stats, "Secrets of the Citadel" was downloaded the most this month (100 times). The other popular mods are the new ones. Note that I cannot tell if they are downloaded a lot by one person or once by a lot of different people.
norbert (2015-08-26 05:35:51 UTC)

thank you, Master Norbert!

i'll check out the Princed forums. :)
R3 (2015-08-27 12:20:32 UTC)


by Ramco

by Ruinen
R3 (2015-08-27 12:28:34 UTC)

just finished this mod.

i feel sad.

to date, this is the most enjoyable mod i've played so far.
it offers the just the right level of difficulty.
not too easy to be boring, yet not too hard to be discouraging.

Coco's the man! :)
R3 (2015-09-08 07:20:34 UTC)

Nice lvlset but time need to be doubled or even tripled. Many lvls took long to pass and no backup starting points are given. Could be a bit annoying after playing a lvl for about 15min and start all over again. However, the difficulty is medium and higher lvls turned to be boring after mazy puzzles have the same system.
mud (2019-03-07 00:58:25 UTC)

I like levels 1 and 2, but ran out of time just at the end of level 8.
I need to gain speed !
L'indecis (2023-04-26 05:00:12 UTC)

I've only played the first 4 levels, I might be wrong but those levels were quite easy. Level 1 was the only level that had a bit of challenge. Also, you can skip level 2. Thx for the skip.
ToothFruity2020 (2024-02-04 13:43:17 UTC)

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