Cheat: PRINCE.EXE megahitReleased in: 2013
PoP version: Prince of Persia 1
Description: "Potions of Delusion is basically a sequel to Potion Puzzles, which was published in 2005."
Tags: broken-links, puzzles
Starting time: 60 minutes
By: Scott Elliott (tacosalad) (Author)
Has altered: checkbox graphics checkbox audio
Custom levels: 13
Use DOSBox to start its executable "PRINCE.EXE".


enjoyment: stars
rated 5 by 4 people
difficulty: bar
rated 2.25 by 4 people
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comments: I've just played (and finished) this mod. It is similar to Potion Puzzles, also created by tacosalad. I like this mod. Knowledge of special events and tricks is required to get all the LPs.
Level 1: The gate next to the LP opens at the level start. No need to drink the blue potion, you can reach the sword from the left.
Level 2: Go up to where the blue potion is, then go down again on the left side.
Level 3: Go all the way around to the skeleton. Get rid of it downward. Then run a tad into the room to the right and then right back. You will die, but when you respawn, you can hold Shift to climb up and reach the LP.
Level 4: In the room next to the starting room, hang until you fall. Don't touch the level raise button and go right, back up again. Hang until you fall and then use the float potion to reach the other side where the LP is.
Level 5: Left, up, right to open the level door. Then use the blue potion. Run right and back to fall _through_ the tapestry.
Level 6: At the start, hang onto the right fall until you fall. Go back up on the left side, then right, down to where the guard is. Kill the guard and run-jump to the LP. Go back right, up to where the float potion is. Use it to go down one screen and hold on. Then walk right until you reach an open spot. There you can drop into level 7.
Level 7: Go down. Lure the left guard forward, _not_ onto the button but with his sword a bit into the pillar. Go to the top, float on the left side. Then, on the right side, _crouch_ forward to the left, so you fall on top of the guard. Then just go back up to the exit.
Level 8: Go down, open the level door. Then in the middle row under the LP go left and wait until the mouse opens the gate.
Level 9: Go up to the row with the guard and skeleton. Kill that guard and jump right. The loose tile on the right will keep the gate near the LP open. Then, on the left of the level door, go down. First drink the blue potion, then the LP.
Level 10: Jump on the loose tile above the blue potion. Jump right back to the right onto the loose tiles and go up. Go all the way around to reach the LP.
Level 11: Drink the blue potion to open the chomper. Drink the green potion. Go down to the top row above the starting door, on the far left you can climb up and use the trick to jump forward onto the loose tile to climb up.
Level 12a: Go to the left, merge with your shadow. Jump into the room on the right. Walk over the loose tile and jump again so you leave an empty spot to reach the raise button. First get the extra tile on the far right, then use the raise button, run-jump. Go over the two tiles in the ceiling onto platforms that will appear and drink the LP. No level door to open, just run left there.
Level 12b: Run past Jaffar, over the drop button. Run past all the gates, make sure to stop in time. Get the LP. There is another button on the left side. Go back and kill Jaffar. Move into the left room, then exit on the right.
Level 13: Don't drop the loose tile onto the button. Instead, jump from the upper left onto the middle row with the blue potion. Drink that potion and then drink the LP. To reach the princess, simply fall down into the hole next to the LP.
norbert (2013-01-13 14:13:59 UTC)

Good levelset! enjoyment +5 and difficulty +1 :)

yaqxsw (2013-06-02 03:01:15 UTC)

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