Cheat: PRINCE.EXE megahitReleased in: 2011
PoP version: Prince of Persia 1
Description: "It has many life potions. Some levels are inspired by PoP2 levels, like level 4. The maximum number of lives is 12."
Starting time: 75 minutes
By: robert (Author)
Has altered: checkbox graphics checkbox audio
Custom levels: 13


enjoyment: stars
rated 4 by 2 people
difficulty: bar
rated 2.5 by 2 people
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comments: quoteI think can say so:
Level 03 reminds a bit of Caverns 2 of PoP2
Level 04 reminds a bit of Caverns 3 of PoP2
Level 05 reminds a bit of Ruins 1 of PoP2
Level 06 reminds a bit of Ruins 2 of PoP2
Level 07 reminds a bit of Ruins 3 of PoP2
Level 09 reminds a bit of Ruins 4 of PoP2
Level 10 reminds a bit of Castle 2 of PoP2
Level 11 reminds a bit of Castle 3 of PoP2
Level 12 reminds a bit of Castle 4 of PoP2

The only complaining thing is that in Castle 3, or well, in this Level 11 there's a button that doesn't work, and doesn't open the gate that opens in Castle 3 of PoP2.unquote
malvivio (2016-12-24 14:44:26 UTC)

quoteweird... the program doesn't start saving @ LEVEL3. :|unquote
R3 (2017-09-05 09:01:02 UTC)

quoteoops, my bad.
kept pressing CTRL-G instead of CTRL-L.

where i come from, this is what we would refer to as a "senior" moment (i.e., short for "senior citizen"). :)unquote
R3 (2017-09-05 10:24:45 UTC)

quotegotta hand it to Robert, men. :)

just finished LEVEL 8.
can you believe it?
the mouse had to run through a chomper just to bail me out!

R3 (2017-09-06 04:48:41 UTC)

quoteSuper Mouse! ;)unquote
norbert (2017-09-06 07:20:19 UTC)

quotewonderful mod.
LEVEL11 had a lot of 'red herrings'.

wasted a lot of time exploring a lot of rooms. ;(unquote
R3 (2017-09-08 02:46:06 UTC)

quotespecial thanks also to Master Ramco YG @ YouTube for his walkthroughs. :)unquote
R3 (2017-09-14 02:39:11 UTC)

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