Cheat: PRINCE.EXE soblainReleased in: 2008
PoP version: Prince of Persia 1
Description: "An easy level for beginners."
Tags: many-minutes, custom-story
Starting time: 240 minutes
By: Micheal Muniko (mickey96, musa) (Author)
Has altered: checkbox graphics checkbox audio
Custom levels: 12
Use DOSBox to start its executable "PRINCE.EXE".


enjoyment: stars
rated 2.33 by 3 people
difficulty: bar
rated 1.67 by 3 people
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comments: I've just finished playing this mod. All levels are easy (some extremely easy, like 8, 10 and 12a) and obtaining the LPs is extremely easy (in level 8 you get three of them). Level 3 is the most difficult. In level 9, not everyone may know how to pass one of the closed gates. Note that currently levels 5 and 11 cannot be finished!
norbert (2012-08-25 14:21:43 UTC)

Easy levels, nice music. But the fact that both levels 5 and 11 cannot be finished takes away entertainment. Modders have to test their mods before publishing them. Also, I could figure out how to pass the closed gate in level 9, it isn't hard.
Robert (2015-05-20 18:02:24 UTC)

I can't resolve how pass the closed gate in 9 level. Who passed this gate? How?
rolles (2016-11-27 08:01:11 UTC)

Hint: use a guard, somehow. :)
norbert (2016-11-27 11:53:09 UTC)

the autor hasn't fixed yet the bugs in this game? There are some things here:
first of all: all levels have got many groups of rooms egual, too similar the one with the other; and more before start playing you see the normal Jaffar with Princess, but in level 12b at his place there is a figure similar to a big turtle supposed bo be Jaffar!!
It's not all: here miss dark prince: there's no mirror in level 4 and he's absent in levels 5,6 and 12a where normally he is.
Another thing: all times a guard hit Prince doesn't see his lives come less, and so it's not good, cause you must keep in mind how many times you have been hit, and it's not always simple.
In level 9 must use trick with the guard to pass the gate, but the guard must kill Prince to push him beyond it, so you must use special command R to resurrect. Level 5 needs fix the final button must open the door, not another gate! And level 11 needs fix a tile must fall to go in the rooms upstairs to continue playing and reach all the rooms of that level, untill that in which there is the button opening the door.
That's All.
malvivio (2016-11-28 10:36:16 UTC)

The prince can pass that gate _without_ using "r" to resurrect.
It just takes a bit of practice.
norbert (2016-11-28 10:59:01 UTC)

Very easy mod, except lvl 3 where u have to fight 3 skeletons with only 3 lives. At the end u have to fight a toadlike guy (see the authors screenshot).

However, a few bugs are still left: lvl 5, 9 and 11 are not finishable.

mud (2019-03-04 18:49:16 UTC)

I played this mod again today, and I saw after all these years the bugs that were here are still here!! Could the author of this mod make the courtesy of fix the bugs in levels 5 and 11, pleeeeeeease!!!!!!!! We're waiting since YEARS to see them fixed!!!!
malvivio (2022-11-24 21:46:59 UTC)

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