Cheat: PRINCE.EXE megahitReleased in: 1995
PoP version: Prince of Persia 1
Description: (missing)
Starting time: 60 minutes
By: Lich (Devil) of Computer Pirates Studio (Author)
Has altered: checkbox graphics checkbox audio
Custom levels: 13


enjoyment: stars
rated 3 by 1 person
difficulty: bar
rated 2 by 1 person
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comments: quoteI gave it a try. Good but very annoying when you loose in advanced parts because levels are very long. unquote
Robert (2014-05-18 06:47:17 UTC)

quoteThis passed FASHION, all levels work. Quiet and normal FASHION. Only what I did not begin to do, so it to drink the 7th life at the 7th level, it seemed - difficult if who wants - can try to take the 7th life. It is only necessary to go on the left.
YURA (2018-01-27 00:03:41 UTC)

quotelevel 4 I do not understand the problem is with me that piece with a guard and the cut aperateunquote
dev44 (2019-03-03 09:54:58 UTC)

quote@dev44: First, step right next to the "cut aperate" (chomper). Then, _jump_ through it. The guard will hit you once, but you will not die. :)unquote
norbert (2019-03-03 10:08:46 UTC)

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