Cheat: PRINCE.EXE megahitReleased in: 2007
PoP version: Prince of Persia 1
Description: "(missing)"
Starting time: 60 minutes
By: Ataa (Author)
Has altered: checkbox graphics checkbox audio
Custom levels: 13
Use DOSBox to start its executable "PRINCE.EXE".


enjoyment: stars
not yet rated
difficulty: bar
not yet rated
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comments: Section 3 could not figure out how this game's been played

ramcoxxx (2014-12-20 12:03:13 UTC)

To my regret the author did not answer, It was necessary to remake most. A good game, was pleasant to me. It was necessary to remake levels. To reach the final.

YURA (2018-01-30 16:03:56 UTC)
YURA (2018-01-30 16:15:51 UTC)
YURA (2018-03-20 05:17:21 UTC)

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