You may contact us about your mod.

Include in your email:
  • An attachment with your mod. For DOS mods, at least "LEVELS.DAT". For SNES mods, the SMC file.
  • An attachment with screenshots. At least 1, at most 9. For DOS, 320x200 (Ctrl+F5 in DOSBox). For SNES, 256x224 (F1 in ZSNES).
  • The mod's name.
  • The author (nick)name(s).
  • The creation year, if your mod was not released in 2019.
  • A description. At most 190 characters.
  • The number of minutes. For DOS, the default is 60. For SNES, 120.
  • Does your mod use custom graphics or audio?
  • The number of changed levels. For DOS, 12a and 12b count as 1 level.
  • The name of the executable file. For DOS, the default is "PRINCE.EXE".
  • If it is a DOS mod: the cheat code. The default (for v1.0) is "megahit".

Optional Header Image

If you want - this is not mandatory - you may also provide us with a header image that will be displayed at the top of your mod's page instead of the usual carousel slider. This image should be a JPEG of 1280 x 256 pixels. The website will automatically scale this image down (make it smaller) depending on the visitor's viewport (display) size.

header image dimensions

Examples of mods with custom headers are Prince of Wateria and Micro Palace.