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Amogh's Levelset 1
Amogh's Levelset 2
Amogh's Levelset 3
Amogh's Levelset 5
Back in the mirror.
Castle of dark
Ghost of Persia
Heart of Zyra
In The Prison
Jaffar's Multi-Life
Jaffar's Revenge (other version)
Lost In The Castle
Miracles Don't Exist
Miracles Don't Exist (SNES)
New 12 Levelset Version 1.1
Out Of Time
Persian Sweet Dreams
Prince 1 and 1/2
Prince lost in snes castle
Prince of Persia – Same Story Different Version
Random Easy Levels
Return of the Sultan
Say HiJump
Snes mini levels for dos
The Brave Prince
The Castle of Dreams
The Castle of War
The Last Of The Firsts
The Terrible Experience
The Trivial Prince
The Vizier's Kingdom
Tricks gone away

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