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Arabian Nightmares
Battle Hardened III
During Sleep 3
Jaffar Never Dies
Jaffar Not Forget 2 (The Temple of Terror)
Jaffar's Revenge Completed
Lockdown on Persia
Maze of Illusion
Mirages of Persia
Mysterious Castle
Mysterious Castle 2
Mysterious Doom
Nasty Dungeons
Original Complex Version
Original Revisited
Prince of Persia - The Maharaja's Palace
Prince of Venus
Prince Unique
Repetition of Time
Return to Persia
Temple of Chaos
The Deserts of Persia
The Great Adventure
The Prince in the Illusion
The Prince in the Illusion 2
The Prince Mystery Dungeon
The Prince of Persia in the Pyramid
The Princess is Mine
treasure island

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