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This is a list of all available (known) mods.
It is also possible to search for specific mods.
The Total Packs and poplaun provide user-friendly interfaces for tweaking and playing custom levels.
These tools use mods.xml (and modsu.xml).
Is your mod not yet listed here, then please submit it.
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1 Level More (PoP1)
10th Dime(n)sion (PoP1)
13 Swordsmen (PoP1)
4-Rooms Levelset (PoP1)
4D Prince 2 (PoP1)
4D Prince of Persia (PoP1)
A Labyrinth of Doors (PoP1)
A Place Of Despair (PoP1)
Adventure Forever (PoP1)
Adventures of Kariba (PoP1)
Alternate 1 (PoP1)
Alternate 2 (PoP1)
Alternate 3 (PoP1)
Alternate Levels (PoP1)
An Hour in the Prison (PoP1)
Arabian Nightmares (PoP1)
Army of Clones (PoP1)
Ataa's Levelset (PoP1)
Babylon Tower Climb (PoP1)
Battle Hardened (PoP1)
Battle Hardened 2: Battle Hardened with Vengeance (PoP1)
Battle Hardened III (PoP1)
Battle Hardened: Nazaam's Revolt (PoP1)
Battle Royale (PoP1 for SNES)
Castle in the Stars (PoP1)
Castle Jaffar (PoP1)
Combat & Adventures (PoP1)
Damian0's Levels (PoP1)
Dark Castle (PoP1 for SNES)
Dark Shadows (PoP1)
David's Levels (PoP1)
Definition Of The Time (PoP1)
Despair: the Hopeless (PoP1)
Dungeon Quest (PoP1)
During Sleep 2 (Miracles) (PoP1)
During Sleep 2 (Remix) (PoP1)
During Sleep 3 (PoP1)
Dusk:Mod (PoP1)
ecco_Levels05 (PoP1)
ecco_Levels08 (PoP1)
ecco_Levels09 (PoP1)
ecco_Levels10 (PoP1)
Edward Set 1 (PoP1)
Edward Set 2 (PoP1)
Edward Set 3 (PoP1)
Edward Set 4 (PoP1)
Edward Set 5 (PoP1)
Edward Set 6 (PoP1)
Evil Time of Persia (PoP1)
Extrem (PoP1)
Extrem2 (PoP1)
Flying Prince (PoP1)
Flying Prince (by Aram) (PoP1)
Ghost of Persia (PoP1)
Gouty Prince of Persia (PoP1)
Great Castle (PoP1)
Hell of a Palace (PoP1 for SNES)
Hidden Levels (PoP1)
HWLev01 (PoP1)
HWLev02 (PoP1)
HWLev03 (PoP1)
HWLev04 (PoP1)
HWLev05 (PoP1)
HWLev06 (PoP1)
HWLev07 (PoP1)
HWLev08 (PoP1)
Impossible! (PoP1)
Imprisoned... again (PoP1)
In The Prison (PoP1)
Into the Dungeons (PoP1)
Ipank's Levels (PoP1)
Iso's Mod (Training Levels) (PoP1 for SNES)
Istaria's custom maps (PoP1)
Jaffar Is The King (PoP1)
Jaffar Never Dies (PoP1)
Jaffar Not Forget (PoP1)
Jaffar Not Forget 2 (The Temple of Terror) (PoP1)
Jaffar's Island (PoP1)
Jaffar's Revenge (PoP1)
Jaffar's Revenge (other version) (PoP1)
Jaffar's Rooms (PoP1)
Jakim's Levels (PoP1)
John's Levels (PoP2)
John's Short Levels (PoP2)
Kid of Persia (PoP1)
King of Persia (PoP1)
KX - Out of Time (PoP1)
Leteipa (PoP1)
Little Time (PoP1)
Lost in Errors (PoP1)
Lost In The Castle (PoP1)
Lost In The Forest (PoP1)
Lost In The Forest 2 (PoP2)
Lost In The Forest 3 (PoP1)
Maksi Prince (PoP1)
Maze of Illusion (PoP1)
Mek's Levelset (PoP1)
Micro Palace (PoP1)
Mike's Levelset (PoP1)
Mini underground (PoP1)
Miracles Don't Exist (PoP1)
Miracles Don't Exist (SNES) (PoP1 for SNES)
Mirages of Persia (PoP1)
Mirrored Levels (PoP1)
Mix of Persia (PoP1)
mk Level 1 (PoP1)
mk Level 2 (PoP1)
mk Set 3 (PoP1)
mk Set 4 (PoP1)
Mysterious Castle (PoP1)
New 13 levels (PoP1)
New Mini Tricks (PoP1)
New SNES mod (PoP1 for SNES)
Original Complex Version (PoP1)
Out Of Time (PoP1)
Persian Nightmares (PoP1)
Persian Training Grounds (PoP1)
Pirates of Persia (PoP1)
PoP and the Temple of Bird Creatures (PoP2)
PoP Seeking Revenge (PoP1)
PoP1 Remix (PoP1)
PoP1 Remix 2 (PoP1)
PoP2 mod OPR (PoP2)
PoP2 Parkour (PoP2)
PoP2 Split Levels (PoP1)
PoP2 Tricknasium (PoP2)
PoP: Lost on Small Bricks (PoP1)
PoP: Tournament (PoP1)
Popset 1 (PoP1)
Potion of Illusion (PoP1)
Potion Puzzles (PoP1)
Potions of Delusion (PoP1)
Prince Fanny (PoP1)
Prince of Persia (PoP1)
Prince of Persia - Special edition (PoP1)
Prince of Persia During Sleep (PoP1)
Prince of Persia Evolution (PoP1 for SNES)
Prince of Persia Guard Revolt (PoP1)
Prince of Persia Revisited (PoP1)
Prince of Persia: Dungeons of Hell (PoP1 for SNES)
Prince of Persia: Remix III (PoP1 for SNES)
Prince of Vatísion (PoP1 for SNES)
Prince of Venus (PoP1)
Prince of Wateria (PoP1)
Prince Unique (PoP1)
Princess of Persia (PoP1)
Random Tournament (PoP1)
Repetition of Time (PoP1)
Return to Persia (PoP1)
Revolution (PoP1)
Rukia's Terror (PoP1)
Secrets of Dungeons (PoP1)
Secrets of the Citadel (PoP1)
Shadow's Story (PoP1 for SNES)
SmallDungMod (PoP1)
SmallDungMod (SNES) (PoP1 for SNES)
SNES Level 15 (PoP1)
SNES Levels (PoP1)
SNES Remnants (PoP1)
SNES-PC-set (PoP1)
Story Retold (PoP1)
Sunshine Remix (PoP1 for SNES)
Super Adventure (PoP1)
Super Prince of Persia (PoP1)
Sword of Gold (PoP1 for SNES)
The Amazing Prince of Persia (PoP1)
The Brave Prince (PoP1)
The Castle of Dreams (PoP1)
The Castle of War (PoP1 for SNES)
The Deserted Dungeons (PoP1)
The Deserts of Persia (PoP1)
The Doomed Prince of Persia (PoP1)
The Dungeons of a Dark Magician (PoP1)
The Evil Twin (PoP1)
The Great Adventure (PoP1)
The Great Escape (PoP1)
The Hostage of Time (PoP1)
The Kingdom of the Dead (PoP1 for SNES)
The Last Of The Firsts (PoP1)
The Lost Bottle (Chapter 1) (PoP1 for SNES)
The Lost Persian (PoP1)
The Naughty Little Buddy (PoP1)
The Persian Secret Passage (PoP1 for SNES)
The Prince in the Illusion (PoP1)
The Prince in the Illusion 2 (PoP1)
The Prince in the Labyrinth (PoP1)
The Prince LOSVCI (PoP1)
The Prince Mystery Dungeon (PoP1)
The Princess in Danger (PoP1)
The Princess is Mine (PoP1)
The Quiet Levels (PoP1 for SNES)
The Resurrection Of Jaffar And The Revolt Of The Guards (PoP1)
The Revenge (PoP1)
The Shadow and The Flame Remake (PoP1)
The Shadow of The Castle (PoP1)
The Shadow of The Castle 2 (PoP1)
The Terrible Experience (PoP1)
The Tricky Tower (PoP1)
The Trivial Prince (PoP1)
The Two Princesses (PoP1 for SNES)
The Vizier's Kingdom (PoP1)
Time Only Knows (PoP1 for SNES)
Toothpaste (PoP1)
Training Lessons (PoP1 for SNES)
Trick Bootcamp (PoP1)
Trick of Chomper (PoP1)
Trick of Through (PoP1)
Trick of Tiles (PoP1)
Twisted Ideas (PoP1)
Un-named third level set (PoP1)
Untitled 0000014 (PoP1)
Untitled 0000015 (PoP1)
ZethHolyblade's [Hardcore] PoP2 (PoP2)