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Autor: Asunto: Prince of Persia 1 mod for Unreal Tournament

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  publicado el 12/6/2003 en 18:23

Together with some other guys, we're quite fond of a game called Unreal Tournament. If you don't know the game, it's a first person shooter, like Quake, Doom, etc .. but it has some nice scripting engine, allowing like everything.

Well, some guy at our IRC channel decided to start a pretty big challenge.. making Prince of Persia in the UT engine!

After some setbacks, the project is still running (right now difficulties are in the "ground door triggers")

Going to mess up the layout badly, but here goes:

Now, we just don't plan on making all maps by hand.. there's got to be a solution for it. So after a small search I found http://www.phys.uu.nl/~dijkema/prince/prince.html, with a suprinsingly up to date news! That was a pretty big suprise. I found the link to the forum as well.. pretty nice here

A while back I wrote a simple progtram to rip the midi stuff myself (pretty simple in VB, was just a matter of finding the midi header.).. doing the sounds was a bit harder, but we managed to get them.. and today I found about the raw file format.. oh well

Anyway.. right now we're wondering a bit if someone could reveal a bit about the fileformat of PoP maps so we could try to convert the maps with a program to some 3d modelling format.. which can then be imported in UnrealEd. I'm not sure how the main programmer wants to do that, but oh well.. he says he can do everything

I cannot gaurentee the project ever gets finished though.. this is just merely a free time project. And free time is not something we have much...


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PV3 Coder

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  publicado el 12/6/2003 en 18:36
If you want to rip the sound files, you can use the PR extractor, it extracts 100% valid mid and 100% valid wavs, without wasted bytes because it uses an index, it doesn't look for the headers. You don't neet to deal with raw format.

About the level format you can have a little explain here. But I think programming something capable of understand this file is very complicated, so tell the main coder that I can make a library with functions to get information about the maps.

Does the project have any url?

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  publicado el 15/6/2003 en 17:34
I did something like this few years ago on my own 3D engine... I did only the first level though and I sticked to 1st person and over-the-shoulder views.
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Miembro normal

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  publicado el 26/6/2003 en 22:30
Almar?? From Luckys?
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