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Other Useful Tools
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Various Old Tools

Princed Graphics Extractor (v1 alpha 1) for Windows:
Download: PGE_v1_alpha1.zip (146kB)

PoPTools, a PoP launcher and guard hit point editor for Windows:
Download: PoPTools.zip (11kB)

Record, a (Pascal) program that captures frames of mode 13h games as BMP files:
Download: Record_v2_beta.zip (42kB)
This version was released by Piotr Kochanek on 23 December 2003.
Usage: RECORD.EXE PRINCE.EXE <options>
In-game, press F11 to start recording and F12 to stop recording. The BMP files will be created after you quit.

RunPOP, which starts Prince of Persia at any level (using Ctrl+a) by modifying PRINCE.EXE:
Download: RunPOP.zip (140kB)
Keys 3 to 0 set health. The screen doesn't update until a health-related event occurs.