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SAV and HOF editors

Prince of Persia 1: SAV and HOF editor

savof; its official website is here.
Download for Windows: savof-0.9-win64.zip (1.4MB)
Download for GNU/Linux: savof-0.9.tar.gz (367kB)

Prince of Persia 1: SAV editors

Download for DOS: PoPSGE-1.3.zip (6.3kB; by Inferno/CAGE)
Download for DOS: PoPTrain.zip (6.7kB; by DCE)
Download for DOS: PRINCED-1.0.zip (23kB; 1993; by Arun Bhalla)
Download for DOS: Prinsav-1.1.zip* (6.6kB; 2003; by Enrique P. Calot)
Download for DOS: Save_Editor-1.1.zip (4.6kB; 2002; Polish; by Piotr Kochanek)
Download for DOS: savefile_cheater.zip (9.3kB; 1990?)
Download for Windows (.NET): PoPSGE.zip (13kB; 2006?; by Yorick)
Download for Mac: PoPE_10.hfs (1.2MB; Prince of Persia Editor 1.0; 29 July 1992; by Roger Plyer)
Screenshots of PoPE: icon, splash, main

Prince of Persia 1: HOF editor

Download for DOS: Prinhof-1.1.zip* (6.8kB; 2003; by Enrique P. Calot)

Prince of Persia 3: SAV editor

Download for Windows: PoP3_trainer-13.zip (12kB; by Vosman)

* Will give a runtime error if no SAV or HOF file is present.