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Other Useful Tools
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CusPop allows you to generate a custom PRINCE.EXE file.
Author: Enrique Calot, later David

There is a web-based version available.

Version 2.2: CusPop-2.2.zip (444kB; 2014-11-20)
Make sure to use the latest princehack.xml.
To just download its EXEs, use: CusPop_exes.zip (413kB)

Some old versions:
- Version 2.1: CusPop-2.1.zip (441kB; 2013-07-07)
- Version 2.0: cuspop2.0.src.tar.gz (463kB; 2009-02-18)
(Version 2.0 is a WordPress plugin. It uses add_action, among other things.)


CusAsm is a lightweight PRINCE.EXE assembler.
Author: Enrique Calot, later Norbert, David

There is a web-based version available.

Version 2.2.1: CusAsm-2.2.1.zip (442kB; 2015-12-31)

Basic tutorial: CusAsm_Tutorial.pdf / CusAsm_Tutorial.odt

An old version:
- Version 2.2: CusAsm-2.2.zip (442kB; 2015-12-30)